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All the information provided here, can be found elsewhere… our goal is to provide it here in an easy “one place for all” format!

When purchasing a home within The Forest, you automatically become a member of two separate homeowners’ associations, each one having its own rules, regulations and areas of control, along with annual assessments or fees that you will be required to pay as a homeowner here.

The Ridgewood Lakes Master Association, was created and incorporated on January 12th, 1994, and The Forest at Ridgewood Homeowners’ Association, Inc was created and incorporated 12 days later on January 24th, 1994. As the name implies, the Master association is the larger of the two associations and currently has 6 sub-associations under its umbrella and control. They have had a hand in the creation and setup of each of the sub-associations over the last 25+ years, with more to be added in the future. The Master Association is responsible for almost all aspects of the entire Ridgewood Lakes complex, residential and commercial. Although they had a part in the creation and setup of the sub-associations, once setup, each of the communities is in total control of their individual area. The following is meant as a general guide to help understand which authority controls what, so you will know who to contact should you need assistance.

Ridgewood Lakes Master HOA

Ridgewood Lakes is made up of 6 completely separate, but equal communities… with each one having their own set of rules and regulations, and their own homeowner’s association that maintains their community’s unique personality and style. Even though we are individual communities… we still share some things across all of the communities, like the roadways to get into and out of our communities, the security cameras, gates, gate transponder system, and the security guards that keep our community safe and secure for us all. These shared amenities, along with the beautiful landscaping throughout the main roadway, the main tennis courts, and all of the beautiful water features that we all enjoy daily, are all under the direct care and custody of the Master HOA and their management service. Property owners are billed separately and make bi-annual payments directly to The Master Homeowner Association described above, and should not be confused with the annual assessment that is paid to the Forest HOA.

The Master Association was established by the original property developers, and will remain under their control for a long time to come, due to the large amount of undeveloped land that they still own and control in and around Ridgewood Lakes, that they will be developing in the future.

Vesta Property Services is the management company contracted by the Master Association to handle the day to day operations of the community. Here is their contact information… 

Stacey Ramdass, LCAM
Vesta Operations Manager, Orlando Region
Click here to send Stacey an email
407-872-7608 ext 562

Kylie Castano
Administrative Assistant
Click here to send Kylie an email
407-872-7608 (option #3)
**Kylie can assist with transponder requests, contact information updates, website and gate system login/passwords.

Mailing Address (letters to the Association only, no payments):
121 S. Orange Ave.
Suite 1170A
Orlando, FL 32801

Mailing Address (payments only):
Ridgewood Lakes Master HOA
PO BOX 622607
Orlando, FL 32862-2607
**include a coupon and write the account # on your check**

The Forest at Ridgewood HOA

The Forest HOA, is responsible for, and in direct control of the maintenance of all amenities located within the community… including landscaping of the common areas, maintenance of the community pool and pool house  and all roadways in the Forest.
We are also responsible for the enforcement of the rules as stated in our founding documents and amendments.
We are not law enforcement, and do not deal with criminal matters! That is handled by the Polk County Sheriff’s office! They are the absolute best, and will provide excellent response and service!   

LTS manages the day to day office and managerial functions for our community.
Contact information:
Click Here to send an email to The Forest HOA 
(863) 695-0050
Mailing Address:
The Forest HOA
318 Boxwood Dr.
Davenport, FL 33837-5500 USA

Verify Ownership!

You cannot enter your own neighborhood without establishing "proof of Ownership" before you get to the gatehouse! You must contact the Master Association (Vesta) and provide them with the required documentation to verify ownership and they will then establish an owner's account in their security system. Once that is done, you can grant access to your guests, movers, painters, etc.
That's why this is step #1

Register with The Forest

While not as critical as verifying your ownership, we need to know how to contact you should the need arise. We have a form that we encourage you to fill out that allows us to communicate electronically (email) notices, invitations, invoices, etc.

The Forest “Q & A”

Residing in “The Forest”

Noise Enforcement – Quiet Time

Quiet time in “The Forest” is between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. and during this time any activity that causes a noise or disturbance is not allowed. Activities shall include, but are not limited to:

  • An outside Party or Group of people
  • Loud Music/TV
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Pool Care
  • Power Washing
  • Construction
  • Operating any machinery, including an automobile in a way that creates excess noise, such as revving an engine, squealing of tires, etc.

Pet Policy

  • Pets are to be kept on the owner’s lot and controlled at all times from leaving that lot by whatever means necessary, and shall not be allowed off that lot except on a leash.
  • Pet owners are RESPONSIBLE for cleaning up after their pet defecates. Period! This means that you are responsible for the cleanup no matter who is walking the dog. So plan appropriately when you walk or exercise your pet(s)!
  • No livestock or other animals shall be kept in “The Forest” other than domestic animals such as cats, dogs, or birds.
  • No animals shall be kept for the purposes of breeding or raising for sale.
  • Pets shall not be a nuisance to the neighborhood. Any issues as to what constitutes a nuisance shall be decided on by the Board of Directors.

Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste

  • Recycle and yard waste pick-up is on Monday (except after a holiday)
  • Trash P/up is on Tuesday (except after a holiday)
  • Bulk pickup is on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.
  • Trash and Recycle Bins must NOT be placed at the curb earlier than 2 p.m. on the day prior to collection.
  • Trash and Recycle Bins must be retrieved from curbside no later than 10 p.m. on the day of collection.
  • Yard waste may be placed at the curb, but NOT in the curb, in a neat pile meeting the size and acceptable material requirements of the trash hauler, up to 3 days prior to collection. Yard debris that is bagged or in a container may not be placed at curbside before 2 p.m. of the day prior to collection.
  • Trash, Recycle and Yard waste bins are to be stored out of sight in a garage, fenced enclosure, behind camouflaging shrubbery or plants, or in some other location where they are not visible from any street.

Community Center

Use of the community center is restricted to “The Forest” owners and renters (long and short term) their immediate families plus any guests the owners/renters actually accompany and stay with at the facility. Everybody must enter and exit the facility thru the locked gate using the key that every homeowner should have in their possession. The gate must be kept locked at all times except when somebody is physically entering or exiting thru the gate. This is a legal requirement! Anybody “jumping the fence” will be removed and possibly charged with criminal trespassing. Any damages to the fence will be charged according to the guilty party.

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